Residential Aged Care Facilities

Ageing can be difficult. From loss of physical strength, to mental and physical illness, sometimes the stress of maintaining a household can become too much. At Dunmunkle Lodge we’re proud to offer exceptional Residential Aged Care facilities in the Wimmera.

Let our highly qualified staff of Nurses and volunteers take the worry out of watching a close relative or friend struggle to live alone. We know all our Residents personally and offer a range of care services to cater to our Residents’ specific needs, including:

  • Full-time personal care and personal hygiene
  • Qualified chefs providing a healthy and varied diet
  • Cleaning service  to maintain a healthy living area
  • Monitoring of all medical needs and dosage
  • Health and exercise
  • Social life and connections with friends and family
  • Hairdressing salon

At Dunmunkle Lodge we take responsibility for the happiness and wellbeing of all our Residents. Our facilities are modern and clean, with large, open dining and social areas to encourage our Residents to make the most of their time. Whether socialising with other Residents or welcoming friends and family, we provide a relaxed and comfortable environment. Pets are always welcome to come and stay and keep their loved ones company. Our Nursing Home resources page includes information about programs at Dunmunkle Lodge.

We encourage fun and games including bingo, hookey and trivia quizzes. We also provide quiet areas for those who like to take time out and reflect, or read a book.

If you would like to find out more about our Nursing Home accommodation provided at Dunmunkle Lodge please contact our Wimmera Aged Care providers.

We also offer comprehensive Aged Care assessment for our Residents with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.